Monday, June 28, 2010

How do you know when you're obssesed with Gone with the Wind?

A long time ago, I was searching google for a list of "You Know you're Obssesed with GWTW When..." and I was terribly disappointed that none had been invented yet. So I decided to make one myself and post it on my youtube account. If any of you are interested, my youtube name is LexiixoxRoxx. I also made a video of it and posted it on youtube as well. Anyways, fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

You know you're obsessed with GWTW when:

1. You start to say the phrases "Fiddle-dee-dee!" and "Great balls of fire!"

2. All of a sudden, you speak with a fake Southern accent.

3. You find yourself dreaming of the Old South.

4. Lately, you've been looking for your "Rhett" or "Ashley".

5. You've attempted to make a dress out of curtains.

6. You can't help but refer to everyone you hate as a "scallawag".

7. You believe it would be perfectly normal to roam the streets in a period dress.

8. The only reason you're attending parties is to attain some more beau.

9. When someone asks you to a dance, you assume they mean a waltz.

10. You start referring to your parents as "Ma" and "Pa".

11. You no longer use the term "blush", instead you say "rouge".

12. You think of a guy, and not a girl, when you hear the name "Ashley".

13. You'd be terribly offended if someone called you "fast".

14. You think the words "cad" and "varmint" are extremely insulting.

15. You don't want your family to sing you "Happy Birthday" if they can sing you "Jolly Good Fellow".

16. For some inexplicable reason, you've begun cherishing your land and calling it "Tara".

17. You've started keeping $300 handy, in fear that a Yankee might come any day and try to sell you out for taxes.

18. Your new nickname for your cleaning lady is "Mammy".

19. When someone says they've had an accident, you immediately assume they fell off their horse.

20. You have a strange, new desire to visit Charleston.

Well, that was it! I'll be making more soon and if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment letting me know so I can add on! Speaking of Charleston, guess who's driving up for a visit? Yes, a few days ago my father surprised me and my brother by saying we were all going up to Charleston on the sixth of July. I am indescribably excited! If I get lucky, maybe I'll meet my future Rhett Butler there! I'll be sure to pack my Scarlett costume just in case :) Haha. Hopefully our next family vacation will be to the GWTW musuem in Jonesboro, Georgia. I visited Atlanta once, but at that time I had no clue who Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler were. What a shame.
Back to the list, I think that anyone who fits at least ten of these qualifications is an official "Windie". I know that number 8 is especially true of me. I mean honestly, the parties I've been to lately are so pathetic it's sad. All people do is stand around, others are texting on the dance floor, and the rest are too busy hanging around the food table like flies. I was at the welcome dance for my school, and it was terrible to put it mildly. My best friend (a complete Melly) and I basically spent the entire night outside on the benches (where the freshman and sophmores eat lunch) talking to a bunch of guys we had just met. See, our school is all girls but our brother school is all guys and our school dances are mingled together. So our friend (from the guys school) introduced us to all his guys friends and that's basically all we did those four hours. I couldn't help but flirt with all of them although only one of them really caught my eye. In fact, we still keep in touch and I plan on attending next year's Winter Formal with him on my arm. So yes, I felt like Scarlett O'Hara that night in my white and black polka dot dress and my red 1920's styled heels. My friend and I ended up going home that night with three new numbers on our cellphones.
Let me not forget 12. That one is my favorite. I think anyone who's watched GWTW for more than six times will nod their head when they read number twelve. The first time I saw GWTW and found out that "Ashley" was a man, I nearly wet my chair. I thought it was hilarious. But after a while, I got used to it. So I'm sitting there on my first day of high school (I'm going to be a sophmore this year), and my English teacher starts calling roll. Suddenly he called out the name Ashley and when he did, I couldn't help but snicker a bit. I'd been so used to hearing the name Ashley used for a boy that it suddenly seemed strange to me that a girl should have the name. Ever since GWTW I've been thinking that Ashley should be meant for men and not women. It gives the image of a tall, slender, debonair gentleman.
I could go on for each of the twenty, but I'm afraid I'd bore you all to tears. I have way too many stories for my own good and if I write them all down here, I'll run out of topics for my furture posts! So, that's all for now. Hope everyone enjoyed the adventure! And you needn't worry, I'll definitely be posting tomorrow! Because, after all, tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Katharine Hepburn in Color!

Ever wondered what Katharine Hepburn looked like in color? Specifically, how she looked like in color when she was young. Not when she was sixty. Well, you're about to find out:

The photo above is my favorite. The reason is simple: it isn't colorized. It's extremely difficult to find color pictures of old hollywood actresses that haven't been digitally colored in on photoshop or whatever other website. Also, I think it shows her natural beauty very well. Up until today when I found it, I had no idea Katharine's eyes were green!

That last one is for all you colorized photo lovers. Personally, I hate colorized photos but I think Kate looks pretty here so I'll make an exception. And incase the person who colorized this photo is reading this, her eyes aren't blue, they're green. Still lovely photo! :)

In Memory of Mary Morgan (MissBetteDavisFan09)

Just a tribute I made to commemorate Mary Morgan (MissBetteDavisfan09) who was a great friend on youtube and a fellow classic Hollywood lover like myself. Her favorite actress was Bette Davis. Rest in peace Mary!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer with the Stars!

Hey everyone and happy summer! I know it's been a while since I posted anything, but now that school is finally over I hope to blog almost every week. Sometimes, I'll admit, I get pretty lazy so don't take my word for it. Anyways, I've been doing some collages on paint lately and, if all goes well, I'll be posting them very soon for everyone's guilty pleasure. But for now I have something better and more relevant to the season. I figured since it was summer, why not make some summer-themed collages of some of my favorite classic actresses? So, the ending result is this:

First, I decided to make a Bette collage. The second picture is a little blurry, but the best I could find. It's actually from the movie Three on a Match(1932)in which Bette plays a small part. Doesn't she look great in th first frame?

Next collage features Vivien Leigh. This was the first collage I made and it's by far my favorite. The reason being that there are so many candid pictures of Vivien at the beach (unlike with the Bette collage which I believe were stills for some movies and extremely difficult to find). Also, the pictures were taken on different days. I love the sunglasses in the first frame! So stylish! But the second frame is one of my favorite Vivien Leigh photos. There's something about that smile- a sort of sweetness and liveliness, but then again she was always radiant.

Last, but certainley not least, Miss Joan Crawford! Now she was a toughie to find pics for. Good thing I have a lot of photos of her! I couldn't find four like I did with Vivien and Bette, so I had to settle on two. Nevertheless I think the end result is still at par with the others. In the second frame, Joan is actually on vacation visiting Miami. Whoot, whoot! I live in Miami so I was thrilled when I found the picture :)

Hope you guys like them and a happy summer to all!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gone With the Wind Screencaps Now Available in Blu Ray!

Hey everyone! I've got some good news for all of you die hard Gone With the Wind fans out there! Yesterday, as I was browsing through (one of the greatest Vivien Leigh fansites I've ever visited), I came across some GWTW screencaps in Blu Ray. Not only is the quality INCREDIBLE, but the size of the screencaps is fairly large as well. I was just about jumping for joy, even though it took me about two days to save all the pictures I wanted onto my computer. So all you fans I recommend you check em out! They look so real it's surreal. Just take a look at the difference:

Talk about a major improvement! Every little detail has been made much clearer and the colors are, to put it mildly, radiant. The difference is best noted in Scarlett's makeup and Vivien Leigh's eyes. Her hat and hat tie have also become much more clear and you can almost feel the green velvet textture. It seems as though you're actually there! Here are some more screencaps for your personal pleasure: Click for full view!

In case you're not familiar with the site and don't know how to get to the screencaps, here's the link: