Monday, May 31, 2010

Actress Collages: Their Unique Styles!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Today's post will be short and sweet. The reason being that it is quite late at night and I have to go to school tomorrow, which I am dreading horribly. Anyway, earlier today I was making some photo collages on, and I thought I'd share some with you all. Feel free to take them, save them on your computer, etc. If you have a site you'd like to post them on just send me an e mail at: and be sure to leave credit. I won't watermark the photos or put my name in big letters across them because personally I find that quite annoying, but please don't take credit for them and say you made them yourself. You may also use them in youtube tributes and other things of that kind if you'd like. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Here they are:

This one is Bette Davis in her fabulous early 1930's glory. Personally, I think she made an adorable blonde and those bangs in the second frame make her look simply darling. Also, check out her style! Quite the glamorous one, isn't she? Who would've thought! She may not have cared a hoot how hideous she had to look for a role in front of the camera, but as soon as the cameras went off, boy did she look stylin'! Just look at that first pose! And those gorgeous heels in frame three! I must say though, her casual look in frame four seems quite modern for the time.

This one is of Vivien Leigh in her stunning 1940's beauty peak. The second picture, however, is actually from the mid 1930's. Notice how much her face changed in that time span of about five years. She looks so uch more mature in the other photos! Still, she looks a dear in the second. I think one of the greatest things about her style was how simple it was. Classy, feminine, but not overdone. Her beauty was effortless and natural. And I'm loving the puffy shirts!

This last one is of Katharine Hepburn in the marvelous 1940's. If anyone knew how to make style look modest and effortless but at the same time nice and trendy, it was certainley Katharine! The way she dressed was about as down to earth as can be. Flamboyant dresses and extravagant fashions just didn't interest her. That what makes her clothes so great. I especially love the last photo where she's wearing shorts. You didn't see much of that in Hollywood at the time! Katharine was all about comfort and boy did she wear it well!

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  1. All of the outfits are so cute! I wish people still dresssed like that nowadays! I especially adore Bette's style. So trendy!